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Where were you when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the world stood still? None of us could have ever imagined the tragedy this virus would bring and how many lives it would take. It has changed many of our lives, but for those who lost a loved one to Covid, life will never be the same. As the months went on, all we heard about were the numbers, but behind those numbers are cherished human beings. They are our loved ones; our moms and dads, our brothers and sisters, our husbands and wives, our grandparents, and unfortunately, our children.

Voices-19 Authors

Vivian's Story - by Jean Sime

Rose's Story - by Bari Himes & Jocelyn Himes

Hal's Story - by Sherry Stein

Paul's Story - by Kim Letizi

Mary's Story - by Rosie Davis

Tony's Story - by Raenell Worrells

Cheryl's Story - by David Stedman

Angelo's Story - by Patty Mazzola

Isabelle's Story - Fiana Tulip

Vince's Story - by Bert Foreman

Joni’s Story - by John Lancos

Ray’s Story - by Annette Allen

Carmelina’s Story - by Mary Cabanillas

Louis’s Story - by Marla Sarrel

Frank’s Story - by Gina Sirico

Anastasia’s Story - by Konstantina Dina Kess

Hosea’s Story - Ira Richardson

Cal’s Story - by Hannah Ernst

Anna’s Story - by Amber Carter

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