Meet Brenda Cortez

 Founder of BC Books

Brenda E. Cortez was born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a living kidney donor to another mom, which is what inspired her to write her first book about donation. She is the creator of Howl the Owl© (plush owl and book series) and his special message of Help Others With Love. 

Brenda's experiences have sparked her passion to make a difference in the world through her books, and now the stories she helps others bring to life. 


Brenda enjoys visiting schools and other venues to share her special message of Help Others With Love (HOWL)! She speaks on a number of empowering topics including organ donation facts and statistics, kindness, helping others, and sharing your own story to inspire others. 


Brenda continues to write books, in addition to book coaching, co-writing, and publishing children’s and non-fiction books for her clients. From day one, Brenda has supported the organ donation community by donating partial proceeds from her books to Donate Life America and other nonprofits affiliated with organ donation and transplant.

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