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Howl the Owl

Howl the Owl® was created to inspire love and kindness, and also bring awareness to organ donation through his series of organ donation books. Howl’s unique name conveys his message of Help Others With Love. His mission is brought to life through his book series and branded merchandise.

Creator and author, Brenda E. Cortez, is a living kidney donor, book coach, and publisher, who has a passion for helping others. She was inspired to write her first book, My Mom is Having Surgery, after her daughter centered her college entrance essay around Brenda’s kidney donation and the inspiration she felt from it. Brenda created Howl the Owl® to spread love and kindness, and inspire others to do the same! 

Howl the Owl - In The Classroom!
Brenda and Howl would love to visit your school! Email Brenda for more information about the following options:  School Assembly, Half Day Classroom Visits, Full Day Classroom Visits, and Virtual Visit. Mascot Howl the Owl Loves to join Brenda for school visits!


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Howl Gets a Heart

Author: Brenda Cortez

In this first book in the Howl the Owl Organ Donation Series, Howl learns firsthand about helping others as he is given the gift of life with a heart transplant. Howl’s experience will help children relate to feeling sick, needing a transplant, and getting a life-saving organ. Recommended Ages:  4 -10 years old.

Howl Gets a Heart
Howl Helps Bella.jpeg

Howl Helps Bella

Author: Brenda Cortez

Howl’s best friend Bella is sad because her daddy just died. Her mom explains the one thing that brings comfort is he was an organ donor and helped to save other lives. Howl helps Bella understand that her daddy gave the gift of life and helped others. Bella hopes to meet the people her daddy saved someday, but for now Howl gives her his favorite stuffed animal to hug and remind her of her dad. Recommended Ages:  4 - 10 years old. 

Howl Helps Others

Author: Brenda Cortez

Come along with Howl the Owl® and his friends, as they discover that kindness and helping others is always the best option. Meet a bunny who struggles to make friends, and a bully raccoon that isn’t very nice to others. They each realize the benefits of kindness in different ways as Howl and his friends Help Others With Love!  Recommended Ages: 4 - 10 years old.

Check out the cartoon short taken from a snippet of the book: HERE 

Available in paperback $9.99 & hardcover $14.99

Howl Helps Others.jpeg
Howl Learns About Kidneys and Dialysis.jpeg

Howl Learns About Kidneys and Dialysis

Author: Brenda Cortez

Howl’s Grandpa Bob has kidney disease and needs dialysis treatment to keep him alive until he can find a kidney donor. Follow along as Howl sees where Grandpa Bob goes for his dialysis treatment and learns what it does. Howl and his family also help Grandpa in his search for a kidney donor, and ultimately Grandpa Bob is saved by a donor hero. Recommended Ages: 4-10 years old.

Howl Loves His New Liver

Author: Brenda Cortez

Howl receives a liver transplant to save his life. Follow along as Howl waits on the transplant list, while his family also searches for a living liver donor. If you loved Howl’s first book, Howl Gets a Heart, then you will love this liver version. Recommended Ages: 4 - 10 years old. 

Howl Loves His New Liver.jpeg
Howl Inspires Mr. Ynott.jpeg

Howl Inspires Mr. Ynott

Author: Brenda Cortez

Howl admires and looks up to Mr. YNOTT, who is his favorite player at the football camp he attends. When Howl learns Mr. YNOTT is sick, he steps in to inspire him and let him know he’s not alone. Follow along as Howl helps his new friend realize that sometimes plans change and our true passion isn’t what we originally thought. This book will inspire you to embrace change, help others who are in need, and never give up! This story was inspired by Edward Drake, also known as Mr. YNOTT, and his journey to find his true passion and purpose in life. Recommended Ages: 4 - 10 years old. 

Howl Competes at the Transplant Games

Author: Brenda Cortez

In this book, Howl and his transplant buddies, Blaze and Spark, share their excitement and experiences at the Transplant Games (an Olympic style sporting event), including the Opening Ceremony, pin exchange, and competitions.  Recommended Ages:  4 - 10 years old.

Howl Competes at the Transplant Games.jpeg
Howl Learns About Lungs.jpeg

Howl Learns About Lungs - A Parade Story

Author: Brenda Cortez

Being in a parade can be very exciting, and it's even more exciting if you are able to help decorate the parade float! Howl the Owl made many new friends, including Maria, while helping decorate the Donate Life parade float. Maria is a lung transplant recipient, so she tells Howl about her time in the hospital while she was sick, and how the lung transplant saved her life. Together, they have the most amazing day riding in the parade and waving at everyone! Recommended Ages: 4 - 10 years old.

Howl Goes to the Races

Author: Brenda Cortez

Howl and his family are invited to the race track with other young transplant recipients for Organ Donation Awareness Day. Howl couldn’t be more excited to see a race in real-life and meet the driver, Joey Gase, who invited him! Joey supports organ donation and since Howl is a heart transplant recipient, he is one of the lucky ones invited to meet Joey, sit in his car, and cheer him on during the race. Follow along as Howl meets Joey and has the most thrilling and action-packed day at the races! This story is based on real events with NASCAR Cup driver, Joey Gase. Recommended Ages: 4 - 10 years old.

My Mom is Having Surgery.jpeg

My Mom is Having Surgery

Author: Brenda Cortez

Kailey is worried and scared because her mom is about to have surgery and donate her kidney. Join Kailey in her journey as she learns about surgery and her mom’s special gift to save another mom’s life.

Recommended Ages: 4 - 10 years old.

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