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Because of Organ Donation Series

The gift of life through organ donation is truly a miracle.

To be on the receiving end of this amazing gift is life-changing, but the journey to get there can be daunting. You pray for an organ to save your life, knowing it could mean tragedy and death for another family.

Book 3 in our series coming this Fall! 

Because of Organ Donation - Pediatric Stories

Bod ped cover

This book (book 2) features 15 different pediatric stories of transplants, living donation, and angel donors.  


Our children are as precious as the gift of life itself, so imagine when it’s a child in need of a life-saving gift. Or maybe a parent is living their worst nightmare, but they choose to answer another family’s prayer. If you had the power to be a hero as a living donor and save a child’s life, would you do it? Almost 2,000 children are on the transplant waiting list, and the more than 500 children waiting for a donor organ are five and under. This collection of stories will give you a glimpse into pediatric organ donation and transplant. You will meet parents who never imagined their child would need a life-saving gift. You may find yourself empathizing with the family that had to make the incomprehensible decision for their own child to become an organ donor. You might cheer on the family member, friend, or complete stranger who wants to donate a kidney or a portion of their liver. Each chapter represents the amazing gifts that can come from organ donation.  

Meet the Chapter Authors:

Kelli Bartleson

Mom of a Heart Recipient


Gail Burant

Mom of a Liver Recipient


Dan Richardson

Dad of Angel Donor


Stephanie Skrede/Kayla Fink

Mom of a Liver Recipient/Living Liver Donor


Kristen Cowan/Jamie Porter

Mom of Angel Donor/Aunt of Angel Donor


Jen Lau

Mom of a Liver Recipient


Beth Battista 

Living Kidney Donor


Riki Graves

Mom of a Heart Recipient


Stephanie Mullet

Mom of a Liver Recipient


Sara Snider

Mom of an Angel Donor


Harmony Wells

Living Kidney Donor


Tom Schaefer

Dad of a Liver/Kidney Recipient


Patti DiSanto

Mom of a Heart Recipient


John Welch

Dad of a Kidney Recipient


Rachel Rodriguez

Grandma of an Angel Donor

Because of Organ Donation

Organ Donation

25 Different Stories

In this book (book 1), you will find 25 different stories of hope, kindness, despair, and healing shared by transplant recipients, living donors, and donor families. Because of organ donation, their lives have forever changed.

Each chapter will tug at your heartstrings

Each chapter will tug at your heartstrings as you read about people struggling to stay alive, and ultimately relying on the generosity of another human being, or the kindness of a beautiful soul and their grieving family.

Hear what inspired living donors to willingly donate an organ.

You will hear how living donors graciously donated an organ, sometimes even two organs; often to a stranger. You will also learn about donor families who were able to think of others during their most heartbreaking moment, offering to let their loved-ones legacy live on in a stranger.

Meet the Chapter Authors:

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