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As your book coach, Brenda, along with her team, will help you navigate through the unknown of writing a book and getting it published.

Below are just a few of our newest editions.

My Little Book Of Grief

Author: Tracey Dene Powell

This debut collection details the year-plus grief journey of the author after the loss of a close friend and mentor. As a writer, and a woman who has been to the depths of despair and depression, Tracey managed to somehow crawl back to survive. Because of her experiences, she wants to give her words the power to help others and offer support wherever they are needed.

Little Book Of Grief
A Great Big Huggle Wuggle Book

A Great Big Huggle Wuggle 

Author: Kelly J Mann

Ryan loves playtime with his favorite toys and loves snuggle time with Nana! They have a special song, "A Great Big Huggle Wuggle", and now Ryan is sharing it with you. Enjoy cuddling up with this sweet bedtime story that includes a heart-warming lullaby to share with your little one as they drift off to sleep.

Courageous Carly Gets an X-Ray

Author: Joanna Wiley

Courageous Carly is getting an X-ray and she’s a little nervous. What is an X-ray exactly? How is it done? Read along to find out the answers to those questions and more! Join Carly as she meets new friends and learns to be brave in the hospital!

Courageous Carly Gets an X-Ray
Sniky The Bookwarm Book

Sniky The Bookworm

Author: Valerie Stiener

Sniky the Tiger loves reading, and he’s often seen with a book in hand. Others call him a bookworm, but he’s not sure what that means since he’s not a worm. Sniky sets out to find a book at the library to help teach him what a bookworm is. On his way, he meets a friendly worm who helps him discover he is a bookworm, because anyone can be a bookworm. Read along to see if you are a bookworm too!

Room 1010

Author: Billye Survis

Room 1010 is an uplifting, true story of how one little girl’s faith inspired people from across the world to come together to pray for her and for a miracle.


Henry's Home Alone

Author: Brenda Dzierlinga

Henry wakes up in his new home, excited to play with the kids and go on new adventures with them. He soon realizes he was left home alone. Confused and scared, Henry is determined to find them and make sure he's not alone again. 

Clayton Sparks Leaves His Mark

Author: Abby Gray

This book is inspired by the true story of Clayton Sparks, an incredibly kind and generous person. This heartwarming story encourages compassion, sharing, and the ultimate gift of life. Clayton became an organ donor at the age of 24. This book is written by Abby Gray, the wife of Clayton's liver recipient, to honor the incredible gift they received. Abby's mother, Dee Everett, brings the story to life through her charming illustrations. 

A Heart on Valentine's Day.jpeg

A Heart on Valentine's Day

Author: Hailey Steimel

Hailey was born with a congenital heart defect, which led to her needing a lifesaving heart transplant when she was seventeen. She received the gift of life from her angel donor, Briar, on Valentine's Day! Come along with Hailey on her journey to a new heart!

Giggles Sleep and Dreams to Keep

Author: Babs Lish

Children of all ages and backgrounds often attempt to avoid bedtime in order to continue playing. However, going to sleep can be just as fun with simple and mindful practices to help promote calmness, gratitude, and parent-child discussions.

Giggles Sleep and Dreams to Keep.jpg
Henry's Forever Home

Henry's Forever Home

Natalie and her family go on a special trip to find the perfect addition to their family and a help a new furry friend, Henry, find his forever home. 

Sugar Plexus

Author: Sarah Drewing

Reading aloud to children at an early age is a valuable method of encouraging exploration and imagination, balance and wellness, and expressing love. In this adorable book you will explore the colors and locations of the energy centers. 

Sugar Plexus

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