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The gift of life through organ donation is truly a miracle. To be on the receiving end of this amazing gift is life changing, but the journey to get there can be daunting. You pray for an organ to save your life, knowing it means tragedy and death for another family. A kidney or liver can also come from a living donor, if someone is willing to undergo surgery and have their healthy organ removed; a selfless gift to save another human.

In this collection, 25 different authors share their stories of hope, kindness, despair, and healing. These transplant recipients, living donors, and donor families’ lives have all been changed because of organ donation. Each chapter will tug at your heartstrings as you read about people struggling to stay alive, and ultimately relying on the generosity of another human being, or the kindness of a beautiful soul and their grieving family.


Brenda E. Cortez is a living kidney donor, creator and author of Howl the Owl® and the children’s book series. Her books inspire kindness, helping others, and organ donation awareness. Brenda was inspired to donate her kidney to another mom after a brief conversation at their children’s school. Six months later, in March 2005, Brenda became a living kidney donor, and it forever changed her life as she found her true purpose in life—organ donation awareness.


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“Organ Donation is simply the greatest gift one human being can bestow on another. The compilation of stories in the book Because of Organ Donation compiled by Brenda Cortez, shows the power and spirit of humanity on full display. The strength and courage of the organ donors and their families coupled with the immense gratitude of the recipients proves to be a powerful read. If you are looking to be inspired…look no further.”Simon KeithAuthor, Heart For the Game2x heart recipient, 1 x kidney recipientFirst heart transplant recipient to play a professional


“Mom was a librarian so I know children’s books and can relate to Brenda’s blend of soothing edutainment for kids to read and understand. Because of Organ Donation is another success for its collaborative collective storytelling that is amazingly innovative and awe inspiring.”
Joe Lafferty-Author, Justin Time: A Memoir of Faith and the Fight For Life-Speaker, Organ Donation Advocate, Kidney and Pancreas Recipient

“Organ donation is the space where grief and gratefulness intersect. The generous heroes and their families who say “yes” to donation give hope to thousands like those in this book. You will be inspired by the lives and stories impacted by donation that Brenda put together here.”Patti Niles-President/CEO, Southwest Transplant Alliance

“The collective voices of the heroes and heroines of the transplant community are the lynchpin of the organ donation movement. Whether recipients or donors and donor families, these stories reflect the best of the human spirit—generosity, unconditional love, and a deep respect and appreciation for life. Brenda Cortez and her fellow writers skillfully use the power of storytelling to change hearts and minds to save lives through organ donation.”
Isabel Stenzel Byrnes-Author, Public Speaker, Social Worker

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