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As your book coach, Brenda, along with her team, will help you navigate through the unknown of writing a book and getting it published.

Below are just a few of our newest editions.

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A Heart on Valentine's Day

Author: Hailey Steimel

Hailey was born with a congenital heart defect, which led to her needing a lifesaving heart transplant when she was seventeen. She received the gift of life from her angel donor, Briar, on Valentine's Day! Come along with Hailey on her journey to a new heart!

Giggles Sleep and Dreams to Keep

Author: Babs Lish

In this book, you will find 25 different stories of hope, kindness, despair, and healing shared by transplant recipients, living donors, and donor families. Because of organ donation, their lives have forever changed

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Henry's Forever Home

Natalie and her family go on a special trip to find the perfect addition to their family and a help a new furry friend, Henry, find his forever home. 

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